Boasting a history of over 70 years, MotoGP is considered the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. In this MotoGP, the Furukawa Electric Group, of which Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc. is a member, is proud to sponsor the factory team Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP.

In this extra edition, we bring you an actual spectator report. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Group employees have their say: The MotoGP venue and how to enjoy it

An employee who is a MotoGP fan and has watched the races in person explains how to enjoy the Japan Grand Prix, held every October at Twin Ring Motegi, and the excitement it holds. This is an escorted behind-the-scenes tour we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Note: All photos on this page were taken by Furukawa Automotive Systems employees.
Please note that some photos are from 2018 and earlier, when the team name and colors were different.

(Photos from the period 2017 to 2019 are included.)


Determined to cheer their teams right from the warmups and heats, the most ardent fans arrive on Saturday and even Friday, well ahead of the main event on Sunday.
As we draw closer to the circuit, we hear the muffled roar of the bikes. The air is instantly charged with excitement.

At the entrance is a monument decked with Valentino Rossi’s number.



Stalls selling food, drinks and merch line the venue, creating a festive mood.
Even between races, there’s never a dull moment.


Displays of classic machines and a cutout figure of Valentino Rossi add to the fun.




In the paddock area awaiting the warmups



This photo of Maverick Viñales is from 2017.

In the paddock area we find ourselves virtually face-to-face with the riders.

Valentino Rossi and Maverick Viñales of Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP are all smiles as they await the next session.



Inside the paddock area we see a tire manufacturer’s booth.
Are these tires that Valentino Rossi used?
They’re worn right to the rim, showing just how far the bikes have to tilt!



Note: The video includes audio.

This video is from 2018.

In the paddock area near the corners, fans cheer the practicing riders.
The riders are easiest to see on the corners because they have to slow down here.



The riders’ positions and top times can be confirmed on a huge illuminated tower display.



Friday and Saturday are packed with fun events for the fans even in night time. The excitement doesn’t let up for a second.



As Valentino Rossi, the most popular rider, ascends the stage, a loud cheer erupts from the fans gathered on the lawn in front.



After all the fun at the stalls and event stages, which runs well into the night, we bed down in our cars and campers inside the circuit.
Amid the fog of the mountain valleys, the lights cast an eerie glow.



Morning dawns on the day of the race.

The Chairman of Furukawa Electric and our senior officers enter the venue.
We even gain entrance to the team pits!
Camera shutters click in front of Maverick Viñales’ bike.



We spy the “Yamaichi logo” of the Furukawa Electric Group!
It’s emblazoned on the swing arms of the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP team’s bikes.



Valentino Rossi’s bike glitters in front of our eyes!



This photo is from 2018.

Inside the paddock, we have lunch in the team cafeteria, which is also used by the riders.
A chef flown in from Europe serves up a mouth-watering buffet.



This photo is from 2018.

The President of Furukawa Electric is keen to show his support.
He beams as he points out the company’s logo.



The start of the race is now just moments away.
The senior officers of our Company can be seen at the starting grid.



This photo is from 2018.

This is how close we got to the riders at the starting grid, just before the start of the race.
At center here is Maverick Viñales.



This photo is from 2018.

Valentino Rossi’s customary pre-game ritual
Is he talking to his bike?



The race has started!
Two VIP spectators enjoy the excellent view from a glass-enclosed room.



Note: The video includes audio.

Outside, in the Yamaha fan section of the grandstand, we have to be alert.
The racers pass by in the blink of an eye.
The excitement reaches crescendo heights amid the roar of the bikes and the buzz of the crowd.



Taking pictures isn’t easy but I somehow managed to snap this one.


Final Thoughts

With the race over, we head home, touched by sadness that the excitement and festivity has come to an end.
We hope you enjoyed this virtual spectator tour.

Sadly, this year’s competition in Japan was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet the riders are continuing with their training. Looking forward to the postponed race and activities next year and beyond, the Furukawa Electric Group will continue to support the MotoGP team and its riders.
If you’d like to see more, we’d recommend you to watch archive and highlight videos. Until the next race, we hope you will enjoy learning more about the exciting world of MotoGP racing.

Official website of Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP

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