Harmonious coexistence with the local community

Our company, which is headquartered in Shiga Prefecture, where Lake Biwa is located, is engaged in cleaning activities around Lake Biwa and the Inukami River, which flows into Lake Biwa.


Inukami River Cleanup Operation

We continue to participate in the “Inukami River Cleanup Campaign” sponsored by Koura Town in Shiga Prefecture, where our head office is located.
Every year, about 40 employees participate in cleaning activities.Garbage includes not only empty cans and bottles, but also illegally dumped items such as tires and home appliances. It is a difficult task, but the participants are actively working on it.We will continue to work on this activity in cooperation with local residents, companies and governments as part of efforts to raise awareness about the protection of the river that flows through Lake Biwa and to create an environment that prevents illegal dumping.


Lake Biwa Cleanup Campaign

We also participate in the Lake Biwa Cleanup Campaign, which is organized throughout the prefecture by the Shiga Prefecture Workers' Welfare Council and Rengo Shiga.This activity is held every year in September as part of environmental beautification enlightenment activities with the goals of "improving the local environment" and "removing litter."Although it is held in a very hot season, as a member of the Lake Country, it is an important responsibility to preserve the environment of Lake Biwa, which is an important asset, to the next generation.We work hard and have fun.

Amago Station Naming Rights (Secondary Station Name)

We have acquired the naming rights (deputy station naming rights) for Amago Station on the Omi Railway, which is the nearest station to Furukawa AS headquarters.Amago Station is a station that our employees have used for commuting for many years, and we acquired Furukawa AS in the hope that it would become familiar to local residents and be known to more people.We will continue to strengthen our ties with the local community and aim to realize a sustainable society by contributing to the local community through our business.

Acquisition of Shiga Biodiversity Initiative Certification

We are developing activities to conserve biodiversity and create nature conservation activities.In addition to the promotion of measures to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, we have been recognized for our efforts to nurture pasques, which has been designated as an endangered species and Shiga Prefecture's designated rare species of wild fauna and flora, and to carry out cleanup activities in the local community.Acquired 3-star biodiversity initiative certification.We will continue to promote proactive activities to achieve SDGs centered on carbon neutrality together with "Lake Country Shiga".

Efforts to donate blood

Twice a year, our head office accepts blood donation buses and conducts group blood donations.About 150 people donate blood each year.

Supporting the registration of Hikone Castle as a World Heritage Site

In the area where Furukawa AS is located, we are promoting the registration of Hikone Castle as a World Heritage Site, mainly in Hikone City.As a member of the local community, we also support registration promotion.


Next-generation development support

Work and life are like two wheels of a car.If one of them is biased, it will not be possible to demonstrate its original ability and move forward.At Furukawa AS, we value the sense of values of each individual, and we are working on work-life balance so that the two wheels of work and life rotate smoothly in a well-balanced manner, and that individual abilities are demonstrated and life is fulfilled.In May 2016, based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, we received Platinum Kurumin certification as a company that actively engages in the development of the next generation.

Employees raising children at Furukawa Automotive Systems


I belong to the audit department.The main task is to check whether there are any problems with internal controls within the company.Simply put, we investigate whether there are any legal conflicts or accounting problems within the company, and whether the system is in place to ensure efficient work through viewing various materials and interviewing the person in charge.and to report and give advice to the parties concerned.In addition to knowledge of law and accounting, I also need specialized knowledge of the operations of each department, and I am learning every day.

When I gave birth to my child, I took maternity leave and childcare leave.At first, I planned to return to work when my child turned 1 year old, but I couldn't enroll him in a nursery school, so I extended my childcare leave until he was 1 and a half years old.I share housework with my husband, go to bed with my child at night, wake up early in the morning, and prepare dinner and clean up the day's errands.By letting my child know my schedule in advance, I get help from my husband and mother when my child suddenly becomes ill, so I don't have to carry the burden alone.Thanks to the understanding of my superiors and seniors, I am able to use the flextime system and have a fulfilling life.

Currently, I belong to the parts procurement department, and I am involved in clerical work related to the shipment of parts that are used as materials for wire harnesses.The main contents are the output of labels required for shipping and the issuance of invoices.At first glance, it may seem like a simple task, but we work together with the group that procure parts and the group that sells them, thinking about how to make sure shipments are made exactly as requested by the destination.We are here.Since the daily shipping schedule is fixed, shipping preparations such as packing can proceed smoothly, and it is rewarding to be able to make arrangements in time for the delivery date.

I gave birth to a child and returned to work after taking childcare leave.I am grateful that I was able to work thanks to everyone at work who welcomed me warmly and my husband and family who fully cooperated with housework and childcare.Every day feels like I'm pressed for time, but little by little I'm getting used to the work, and I'm happy to be able to work while feeling rewarding, and to be able to go home and spend time with my family.

I am in charge of designing exterior parts in the Technology Development Department.I took parental leave when I had my third child.

In addition to the burden on my wife with my third child, I decided to take childcare leave because I needed to take my eldest son to kindergarten and make lunches while he was in the hospital, and take care of my eldest daughter before he entered kindergarten.During the holidays, there were sports festivals and excursions, and I was having a hard time every day.

My third child was born a month early, and I was worried at first because he was in an incubator.

I took childcare leave for about three weeks, but it was a good opportunity to realize how hard it is for my wife to take care of the child and run errands around the house every day.Once again, I would like to thank the people at my workplace for their follow-up during the suspension period.

This is Ezaki from the Harness Manufacturing Department.I am in charge of manufacturing instrument panel harnesses.Since his wife was having her first child, I took childcare leave because I wanted to be able to support her and participate in childcare as much as possible.

While I was on childcare leave, I had a hard time doing all the housework, including cooking that I wasn't used to.I was able to use my accumulated paid leave during my absence, which helped me financially.

Women's Active Advancement

Human beings are not only different in race, gender, age, etc., but also in religion, values, social background, way of life, way of thinking, personality, attitude, taste, etc., everyone is different from each other.Accepting, acknowledging, and making the most of such differences is what we call “diversity.”At Furukawa AS, we are working on "promoting women's active participation" as one way to create a workplace where everyone, not just women, can make the most of their abilities.

・Formulation of general business owner action plan
Furukawa AS has formulated the following action plan to create a comfortable working environment for everyone, including women, based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (Women's Participation Promotion Act)..

Planning period
From April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2026
Target 1
Raise the ratio of women among newly hired graduates to 25% or more
Target 2
Promote a total of 10 or more female workers to managerial or managerial positions or hire them to managerial or higher positions by the end of the plan period.
Target 3
Achieve a childcare leave acquisition rate of 100% for women and an average of 50% or more for men during the plan period.
Target 4
100% acquisition rate of 11 days or more of regular leave

reemployment system

reemployment system
We have introduced a re-employment system for employees who have reached the retirement age of 60.As of the end of fiscal 2022, 71 people have been re-employed.
Employment of people with disabilities
We actively promote the employment of people with disabilities. He has also participated in the Abilympics, and most recently won both the Gold Prize and the Shiga Prefectural Governor's Award in the spreadsheet category of the Abilympics Shiga 2022.

Initiatives for occupational health and safety

Furukawa Automotive Systems is committed to workplace safety and employee health management based on the following basic policy.

Basic policy
  1. 1. Deploying measures that are thoroughly focused on “respect for people” and “safety first”
  2. 2. Realization of a safe and comfortable working environment for workers
  3. 3. Pursue zero illness by maintaining and promoting mental and physical health
  4. 4. Develop human resources who can thoroughly implement safe behavior
safety activities
As part of our occupational health and safety management system, we conduct activities to reduce the risk of industrial accidents in the workplace through "risk assessment," "KYT (hazard prediction training) activities," and "submission of near-miss incidents."
Holding of Safety and Health Committee
We organize health and safety committees and subcommittees at each of our business sites, and carry out activities such as "safety patrols" with the aim of creating a "zero accident, zero illness" workplace.
Disaster prevention education, disaster prevention training
Conducted AED training, rescue training, and water discharge training for in-house firefighting organizations.We regularly conduct evacuation drills and firefighting drills with the participation of all employees.
Distribution of employee emergency contact cards
In order to minimize damage in the event of a disaster, we have distributed an "Employee Emergency Contact Card" to all employees, which describes the code of conduct in the event of a fire or earthquake, and carry it with them at all times.
health check
In order to check the health status of our employees, we conduct regular medical examinations, lifestyle-related disease examinations, medical examinations for employees dispatched overseas, and special medical examinations.
health consultation
Industrial physicians and public health nurses provide health guidance after health checkups, health consultations for long working hours, and mental health consultations as needed.
health education
We hold classes to support smoking cessation and classes to improve eating habits in order to create opportunities for employees to acquire knowledge about health and practice health promotion.We also publish a monthly “Health Promotion News” to raise employee awareness of health management.
Establishment of an external health consultation desk
Through contracts with external insurance institutions, employees and their families can use the "Second Opinion Service," which provides phone consultations for illness and injuries and referrals to specialists.In addition, there is also a "mental health support service" where you can receive mental health counseling by telephone or face-to-face.

Relations with labor unions

Furukawa Automotive Systems has introduced a union shop system, and strives to build labor-management relations based on a basic understanding of the development of the company and the improvement of working conditions for employees, based on a relationship of trust between labor and management.

Creating a comfortable workplace

At Furukawa Automotive Systems, we are working to create a safe and comfortable working environment so that we can revitalize our organization and allow our employees to fully demonstrate their individual abilities.

Efforts for work-life balance at Furukawa AS

Systems to Support Diverse Working Styles and Balancing Work and Life

Flextime work system We will realize a lifestyle that allows you to work efficiently according to the fluctuations of your business and achieve harmony with your life.
No overtime day Every Wednesday is set as a day to leave work on time, and we encourage employees to leave work on time.
Refresh leave system Employees are required to take 5 consecutive days off for every 10 years of service.Apart from that, we encourage all employees to take three consecutive days off every year.
maternity leave You can take leave for 6 weeks before childbirth and 9 weeks after childbirth (*).(*The legal requirement is 8 weeks after childbirth)
Childcare leave system
(and short-time work system)
Childcare leave can be taken from the day the child is born to the day the child reaches the age of three.In addition, working hours can be shortened until the child reaches the age of 1 to the beginning of the 4th grade of elementary school.Currently, almost all women who take maternity leave take childcare leave.
postpartum papa leave Prior to the legal revision from October 2022, the postpartum father childcare leave system will be introduced from April 2022.In addition, as an initiative to promote the use of the childcare leave system, we have started presenting gifts to employees (both men and women) who have taken childcare leave.
Nursing care leave system
(and short working hours system)
Hourly paid leave for childcare purposes Employees raising children who have not yet entered elementary school can take paid leave on an hourly basis for childcare purposes.
maternity protection leave If you become ill during pregnancy before taking maternity leave, you can take unpaid leave in addition to paid leave.
Volunteer leave system We have established a volunteer leave system as a leave for employees to engage in volunteer activities.This system allows employees to use their accumulated paid and unpaid leave to do volunteer work, raising awareness of social contribution among employees.

health management

We will promote mental and physical health and pursue zero illness through “health management”.