Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc. has endorsed the Shiga CO2 Net Zero Movement. This movement is a project of the government of Shiga Prefecture, the region where the Company’s head office is located.

The Shiga CO2 Net Zero Movement unites prefectural residents, businesspeople and civil administration in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions in Shiga Prefecture to net zero by 2050. Its aim is to preserve the natural environment, including natural treasures such as Lake Biwa, and bequeath to future generations a sustainable society that is resistant to heavy-rainfall disasters and other natural disasters.

Furukawa Automotive Systems already places initiatives to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the heart of its business policies, with particular focus on carbon neutrality. By redoubling its efforts in this direction, Furukawa Automotive Systems aims to do its part to achieve the targets of the Shiga CO2 Net Zero Movement.

Learn more about the Shiga CO2 Net Zero Movement here.