From April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2011, we formulated and put into practice our Third General Business Proprietor Action Plan aiming to develop workplaces where employees can both work and raise families. This initiative was given accreditation by the Shiga Labor Bureau as of December 28, 2011 under Article 13 of the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, acquiring the Next Generation Accreditation Mark called “Kurumin” (see Note 1).

Purpose of the general business proprietor action plan and description of initiatives

(3 years : April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2011)

Purpose (1)

To raise awareness of the childcare / family care leave system, to improve environments promoting the system’s utilization, and strengthening follow-up for users of the system.

(Description of the initiatives)

1) Childcare leave period: can be taken up until the child is one year and six months old, or up until April after the child has turned one, regardless of any special reason. (The law allows for leave up to one year and six months old only if there is a reason)

2) Leave to nurse a child: can be taken up until entry to junior high school. (The law allows up until entry to elementary school)

3) Revisions to the regulations and explanations of the systems were posted up on bulletin boards inside the company to ensure knowledge of this and understanding inside the company, creating an environment were this system could be used with greater ease.

Purpose (2)

To construct a supportive structure encouraging a smooth return to the workplace of those on sick leave.

(Description of the initiatives)

1) Permanent stationing of a health nurse.

2) Strengthening coordination between the head of department, HR and Gen. Affairs Division, the health nurse and the occupational health physician to support a return to work.

Purpose (3)

Encouraging taking of paid leave.

(Description of the initiatives)

1) Announcement of guidelines encouraging planned taking of paid leave every two months to encourage use of 10 days paid leave per person annually.

2) Submission of plans to take three continuous days paid leave and confirmation of such.

3) Encouraging the use of expired annual paid leave.

Refresh leave

Revised the system so leave for child raising or nursing can be taken in hourly units.

Future Initiatives

We aim to support a balance between work and families by ensuring these initiatives become fully established, to encourage use of child raising leave by male employees and strengthening follow-up upon returning to work. In addition, we intend to actively pursue measures to encourage the use of paid leave and reduce work outside of set working hours from a work-life balance perspective.

IMAGE:Receiving accreditation for being a general business proprietor meeting standards based upon the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation ChildrenIMAGE:The Next Generation Accreditation Mark

Naoto Okazaki, Director of the Shiga Labor Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (left)
Mr. Inoue, Manager of Furukawa AS Human Resources and General Affairs Division (right)
The Next Generation Accreditation Mark “Kurumin”


Note 1: The Next Generation Accreditation Mark “Kurumin”:

“Kurumin” has the meaning of children being lovingly wrapped up warmly as well as that of the entire workplace and company supporting work and child raising. This mark can be obtained by companies which have formulated and put into practice the above action plan and achieved their set goals.