February 10, 2012 was a cold day, with snow still visible. The Global QC presentation conference was held at a venue near the Kokoku Shiga headquarters (in the Hearty Center Hatasho) with 13 QC circle teams from nine companies and six countries attending.

IMAGE:22nd Global QC Presentation Conference 1 IMAGE:22nd Global QC Presentation Conference 2

IMAGE:22nd Global QC Presentation Conference 3 IMAGE:22nd Global QC Presentation Conference 4

Including the Skills Olympics athletes, there were over 200 people from 12 companies and eight countries. Presentations on the outcomes of their Kaizen (improvement) were made by the representatives from China and Vietnam (real veterans of this event) along with those of Thailand, the Philippines, Mexico and Japan, audience members from each country looking passionately onward. The judges were hard pressed to make a decision faced with such Kaizen results and presentation skills from these teams which had survived the regional heats.


In the end, the Vietnam FAPV Wiring Division took the gold prize fair and square, while Philippines FEAP took silver on their second outing, and Mexico FWSM in third place. Our improvement activities take place on a global scale, beyond borders and seas. Only those who have put their all into these activities can experience this feeling.