Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc. (“Furukawa AS”) is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights to an alternative name for Amago Station on the Ohmi Railway. Beginning Saturday, May 20, 2023, Amago Station will be accorded the alternative name “Furukawa AS Honshamae Station.” The name means “in front of Furukawa AS headquarters.”

In 1985 Furukawa AS moved its corporate headquarters to the Amago district of the Town of Kora, Shiga Prefecture, where it is engaged in the manufacture and sale of wire harnesses and other automotive parts. The local community affectionately supports Furukawa AS, whose employees have now been commuting to work through Amago Station for years. To bring awareness of this friendship to a wider public, Furukawa AS acquired the rights described above. Furukawa AS is committed to building even stronger connections with the local community, contributing to the region through its business operations and working to achieve a sustainable society.

In on-board announcements, the station will be announced as “Furukawa AS Honshamae Station.” If you have an opportunity to ride the Ohmi Railway, listen for this announcement.