On January 31 the 8th Wire Harness Skills Olympics were held at headquarters Furukawa Automotive systems.The eighth Olympic was attended by56 contestants from 14 factories in seven countries.The Wire Harness Skills Olympics are based on the standardized work chart. Concept is ‘Precision, Speed, and Accuracy’. It is evaluated with respect to each item.All contestants who were chosen to intend Olympic, are the winner of their factories, our specialist of ‘Precision, Speed and Accuracy’. Representative of each factory, the friendly competition with each other, compete with each other, improvement of skills will make motivation comes up. This is the true of all past contestants, when they returned to their factory, they has been active as a teacher of education training. Through this wire harness Olympic skills, lead quality of the whole company, the whole group improvement. As concept ‘Precision, Speed, and Accuracy’, we had chosen the winner to get the gold medal and that was a quality awareness tournament.