Company Information


What is FAS WAY?

FAS has corporate culture where honesty and responsibility is highly valued and has maintained these values through its historical changes through total engagement.

FAS WAY is the valuable “DNA” of our organization projects our future image in terms of specific behavior and how each person does his or her job.
FAS WAY is the way we share our views and values and conduct business activity with a diverse range of peers from all over the world.
We always take action based on the FAS WAY, return to the FAS WAY when we are lost, and logically and reasonably evolve the FAS WAY to meet the unique challenges of our future world.

Fundamental Elements of FAS WAY

We always pursue the next level in “manufacturing” to keep our customer base fully satisfied.
“Human resources development” is the way we achieve the next level of “manufacturing.”
FAS WAY is implemented by full participation with the following five fundamental elements in “manufacturing” and “human resources development.”

  • Based on the customer first philosophy, see the situation through the eyes of customers, think from their perspective, and seek their delight first.
  • Challenge ourselves to search for new products and new technologies by always keeping our eye on the future and raising the bar.
  • We are not content with the status quo and create an environment where continuous Kaizen(improvement) is the minimum expectation.
  • Always foster teamwork based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Empower individuals, fortify their capabilities, and develop human resources that fully apply skills and abilities and take responsibility and pride in highly successful outcomes and results.
Customer First
Seek customer delight
  • ・QCD (quality, cost and delivery)
  • ・Think and act from a customer’s perspective
Quality first
  • ・Self-process completion
  • ・GST (global standards)
Raise the bar
  • ・Foresight
  • ・High-Level Goals
  • ・Broadened perspective and thorough benchmarking
Never-ending pursuit
  • ・No fear of failure
  • ・Technological innovation
Continuous improvement
  • ・Endless improvement
  • ・Start with 2S
  • ・Eliminate waste
  • ・PDCA
Go and see reality for yourself
  • ・Thorough fact check
  • ・Go after the true root cause
  • ・Always complete the job
NF Production System (New Furukawa Production System)
  • ・Implement the NF Production System
Total optimization
  • ・TK activities[Through departments -
     Kaizen(improvement) activities]
  • ・Group power
Fruitful communications
  • ・Information sharing
  • ・Open discussions
Prompt action
  • ・Rough and ready rather than being slow and sure
  • ・Always meet deadlines
Human Resources Development
Fully realize people’s potential
  • ・Motivation
  • ・Appropriate evaluation
  • ・Develop professionalism
  • ・Self-development
  • ・Prompt and accurate decision making
  • ・Confident
Earnest action
  • ・Honesty and responsibility
  • ・Sense of ownership